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  00004371   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-14make it possible to store missile attacks
  00004404   [Galaxietool]
textresolved (DieMade)2011-01-12translation to italian administration.php, errorpage
  00002404   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (DieMade)2011-01-11Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Italian (it,it-IT)
  000043173 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-07Fleetmovement-Layout
  00004361   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-07No returncode if uploading Alliance Page fails
  00004281   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-07Average Research Level isn't calculated
  00004291   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-07BBCode export in show.php returns error
  00004353   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2011-01-07Newly registered users have some permissions already
  00004341   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-01-02Aktivitäsübersicht bei Einschränkung verringert
  00004301   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-12-27Toolbar: Übertragung Imperiumseite
  00004231   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-16Paging doesn't work in reports search
  00004253   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-12-16invalid xml when updating a galaxyview
  00003042   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-16Save searches doesn't save everything
  00002957   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-16add moon reports into search results
  000040721 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-15Colors in reports
  00002644   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-15Make it possible to give admin rights to users other than "admin"
  00004203   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2010-12-15Multiple sorting errors in "User Information" pages
  00003861   [Galaxietool]
textresolved (Omar Hawk) - "already inserted" needs langifying
  00001632   [Toolbar]
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-12-01locale ro-RO
  00004171   [Wiki]
(No Category)
minorassigned (DieMade)2010-11-23help for old php-versions
  000042211 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2010-11-21Some vacant user result active user; bad player information
  00004244   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2010-11-21popups in view.php output cause errors
  00004191   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
blockresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-11-16update error
  000024522 [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-11-12Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Norwegian bokmaal (nb-NO)
  00004162   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-11-10wrong universe
  00004152   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-11-03Unexpected result from server!
  00001421   [Toolbar]
featureresolved (DieMade)2010-10-26Lithuanian localization
  00002301   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (IRIX)2010-10-26Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Portuguese, Brazil (pt-BR)
   000040631 [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-10-06Error with some characters in GD graphics
  00003164   [Galaxietool]
tweakresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-10-05Galaxy view haven't been updated
  00003601   [Galaxietool]
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2010-10-05IP address list isn't updated, when there is no IP address stored for a specific user
  0000413    [Galaxietool Forum]
(No Category)
minorresolved (DieMade)2010-10-02delete spammers from DB
  0000203    [Galaxietool Forum]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2010-09-29forum compromised ?
  00003755   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2010-09-27Registering to gtool
  00004092   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2010-09-27Extended reports search - width of output table
  00004121   [Hosting by eX0du5]
(No Category)
blockresolved (eX0du5)2010-09-27beta-tool broken?
  000039511 [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-09-24PHPMailer v5.1
  000025021 [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-09-18Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Swedish (sv-SE)
  00001651   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (eX0du5)2010-09-18[no impact] chinese translation files
  00004052   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-08-16No data found on Alliance
  00002411   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Japanese (ja,ja-JP)
  00003243   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Buildings View Upload failure
  00004081   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Taiwanese reports don't work anymore
  00003836   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Frequent problems updating espionage reports
  00002511   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Translations required for new galaxytool version --> Chinese Traditional, Taiwan (zh-TW)
  000041043 [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-14Destroyed moons still not being ignored
  00004042   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-07-08Error with show full reports
  00003002   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (DieMade)2010-06-06A problem with only one user that cannot update database.
  00003692   [Toolbar]
blockresolved (eX0du5)2010-06-04Constant error at updating of the data
  00004011   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2010-06-04Ressources of own planet/moon aren't inserted correctly
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