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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00005572   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-18Missing stats in show.php for OGame 3.0.0
  00005931   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-17Messages: Ingame messages should support coordinates bbcode
  00005981   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-17Galaxyview > Fleet Movements > Can't display contents of fleet
  00005941   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
crashresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-17After logging on to an old Galaxytool while being logged on to an 5.0.0-Galaxytool an error is shown
  000058611 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Report Archive looks broken
  00005851   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Color of the menu entries do not reflect the current page
  00005891   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Custom Links do not show up
  000058711 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Galaxyview loads invalid systems
  00005881   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13User options: Error in permissions Tab
  000059211 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Status of database: Underline should have the same color as the text
  00005911   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13User Management: Newly created user doesn't show up in the Dropdown-Box
  000059611 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Start page: Registration form covers the close button for this form
  000059511 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
textassigned (Omar Hawk)2012-02-13Start page: Description needs to be translatable
  00005971   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-13Impossible to check for a new version
  00005683   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
blockresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-11Fatal error beim direkten Aufruf ohne Login
  00005761   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-11Reports display
  00005752   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-10Issue with alliance page parser
  000058311 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-02-10Overview: Plugin Settings: Galaxytool URL doesn't consider https
  00003505   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-01-25Updatecheck falsch
  00005828   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-01-10Solar system with inactive planet without player name (just (I)) error and no save galaxyview
  0000580    [Galaxietool Forum]
(No Category)
minorresolved (DieMade)2011-12-28update board software
  000057951 [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-12-24keine "aktuelle Aktivit├Ąt" ├╝ber die Allianzseite [GC]
  0000564    [EN.Wiki]
(No Category)
textresolved (DieMade)2011-12-23Navigationbar
  000057711 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-12-20Alliance Information > Memberlist > Duplicate column values
  00005741   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-12-14Incorrect coloring of the alliance names in the Statistics
  00005732   [Toolbar]
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-12-09fehlerhaftes XML in der Gala ansicht bei bekannten Sonnensystemen
  00005723   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-11-27No Userlist on userinfo with language french
  00005711   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2011-11-24Fatal error: Cannot access private property ReportParser
  000057011 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-11-21userinfo.php screen problems
  000055421 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-11-21display error in userinfo.php tab 1 & 2
  00005691   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-11-20Kampfberichtsauswahl funktioniert in Google Chrome nicht
  00005671   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-11-03Warning on secret/status.php im RD
  00005661   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2011-11-01Usermanagement doesn't work properly
  00005631   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-29zeitliche Statistiken - Notice: Undefined property
  00005593   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-29Overview: login token not shown
   00005431   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
featureresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-29Status-Seite
  00005621   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-10-25GoogleChrome Toolbar Mond Imeriumsansicht - Fehlerhaftes XML
  00005611   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-10-25GoogleChrome Toolbar TeechTree-Error
  00005601   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-21Overview doesn't display users that are online
  00005581   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-21Shoutbox shows "An error occured" in case of missing permissions
  00005514   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-10-13'Combats reports' form not working at all
  000055511 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-10-01Encoding issue in tooltip at status of database
  00005176   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (efen)2011-09-25error at email-header
  00005482   [Hosting by eX0du5]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-09-23Another issue with mysql dump from hosting
  00005531   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-09-23Warning in reports.php
  00005521   [Galaxietool]
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2011-09-23Updatecheck
  00005501   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-09-22Fehlerhaftes XML => Imperiumsansicht => nurUni Leo (112)
  00005451   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2011-09-18Warning in
  00005462   [Hosting by eX0du5]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2011-09-18missing TRIGGER for newly registered tools
  00005441   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2011-09-11Activity of one day shows "no data available"
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