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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006762   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
featureresolved (eX0du5)2013-03-21Remember visible columns and sorting order in saved searches
  000070411 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2013-03-21Alliance Highscores are shown incorrectly
  00007022   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2013-03-21Search unable with "war" checked on
  00007111   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2013-03-21automatic logout for second tool on same machine
  00006873   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2013-02-01Phantom debris fields
  00007071   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-12-25KB`s werden nicht übermittelt
  00006993   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-10-30Combat reports not submitted
  00006983   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-10-30Duplicate of issue 0000693, which was supposedly fixed with version 2.6.21
  00007001   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-10-24Not working
  00006971   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
blockresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-10-09Unable to find API address during installation
  00006961   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-10-09Could not find OGame API
  00006932   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-09-30Galaxytool cannot update the frist player of the highscore view
  000069411 [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-09-30Can't connect (Galaxytoolbar for Chrome 2.6.20)
  00006921   [Toolbar]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-09-30toolbar 2.6.20 - Fleet Movement and fighting report not working
  00006823   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-28galaxyplugin.php: Account validation should only be possible via logon token
  00006901   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-24Fatal Error when setting phpmailer true
  00006853   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-24Zurücksetzung der Freischaltung von Usern (Galatool Version 5)
  00006881   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
blockresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-23Unable to find API address during Update process
  00006743   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-20Inconsistency between the searched and displayed Defense Score
  00006785   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorassigned (bontchev)2012-09-16Focus problem in the Search in Reports results table
  00006845   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorassigned (bontchev)2012-09-16Game API update buttons have wrong tooltips
  00006733   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16The "Manage columns" control cannot be scrolled far enough
  00006793   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16Debris color in Search in Database
  00006773   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16Time inconsistencies in the saved espionage reports and phalanx scans
  00006831   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16In Search in Reports, report depth is not intepreted correctly
  00006722   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16No indication that the IPMs of the current user can reach the currently viewed system
  00006702   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-09-16Galaxytool v5.0 Univerzum Draco
  00006751   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-08-22User better vertical scaling in the historical view charts
  00006691   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-08-21Sorting by coordinates at report search does not work
  00006451   [DE.Wiki]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-20Impossible to upload images to wiki
  00006681   [Hosting by eX0du5]
(No Category)
blockresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-19keine Registrierung möglich
  000066612 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
textresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-18Wrong locale for table caption in search reports
  00006134   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-13Charset problem
  000066411 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-11Searching for planets without espionage report does not work properly
  000066511 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-08-11Searching for planets with players without vacation mode does not work properly
  000055644 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-07-27Problems with stats page for OGame 3.0.0
  00006301   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-23Update.php: Check button starts update
  00006621   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
featureresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-23OGame API: Show age of the API file before letting the user download them
  00006611   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-22Espionage reports search: Missing columns "Fleet score" and "Defence score"
  00006561   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-22History: Make it possible again, to show all Statistics on one page
  000066311 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
majorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-22Update via OGame API: after update of data many moons without size in database
  000065211 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-07-17Report popup: resources aren't displayed if they are 0
  0000655    [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
featureassigned (eX0du5)2012-07-10Allow to show browser context menu on dojo data grids
  000065311 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-07-10Ally Information: Member tab - Sorting values results in string sort order
  00006541   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-09User management: After deleting/editing a user, no info about success/failure is shown
  000065711 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-09Player Information: Planets/Moons ordered wrong way round
  00006581   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-09All input fields: Pushing "enter" doesn't submit form
  000066011 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-07-09History: Dates in future are shown
  000063911 [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
tweakresolved (Omar Hawk)2012-06-25Shoutbox: Some entries are cut off using Google Chrome
  00006511   [Galaxietool]
(No Category)
minorresolved (eX0du5)2012-06-25Installer/Updater doesn't have a language selection dropdown menu
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