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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000033611 [Galaxietool]
textresolved (eX0du5)2009-07-05phpmailer subject line
  00003093   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2009-07-05Espionage report popup does not disappear
  00003372   [Toolbar]
blockresolved (eX0du5)2009-07-05Nicht kompatibel mit FF 3.5
  00003171   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (DieMade)2009-06-22PHP Notice
  000032911 [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-06-14change board URL in the Tool itself
  000015836 [Toolbar]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-06-12locale nl-NL
  000027711 [Toolbar]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2009-06-12Error message if plugin is not used at all
  000016446 [Toolbar]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-06-12locale ru-RU
  00003261   [EN.Wiki]
minorresolved (DieMade)2009-06-12edit contact-article
  000029952 [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2009-05-12Planets are not transmitted, when having special chars in their name
  00003071   [Galaxietool]
textresolved (DieMade)2009-05-06The wrong name of Russian language in the choice list
  00003062   [Galaxietool]
textresolved (Omar Hawk)2009-04-26Correct text string for Russian (ru,ru-RU) (update for issue 0000305)
  000030541 [Galaxietool]
textresolved (DieMade)2009-04-25refresh
  000026112   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-24Version 4.3.7 can save searches but not load them
  00003022   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-24Wrong message when trying to change the rights of a user
  00003011   [Toolbar]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-18Toolbar error. crash??
  00002812   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-14Search in Reports by max. Fleet or Defense score doesn't work
  00002915   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-07Statistics filtering is badly designed
  00002622   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-04-03Sort extended search results in descending order first
  00002666   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (DieMade)2009-04-03Make the Member tab of the alliance view sortable by various keys
  00002184   [Toolbar]
majorresolved (Omar Hawk)2009-03-26At least one report failed!
  00002578   [Toolbar]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18Galaxy view info not sent properly
  00002881   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18Searching by "Report depth" does not work as expected
  00002631   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18Make the Date column of the extended search results non-wrappable
  00002761   [Wiki]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18update mediawiki
  00002964   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18add possibility to allow/deny sharing information about members in GT
  00002095   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-18Statistics
  00002821   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-17Wrong status when searching planets for colonization
  000028011 [Hosting by eX0du5]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-17another typo
  00002891   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-17The path to changelog.txt is wrong
  00002794   [Galaxietool Forum]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2009-03-17random suspicious post reports
  000021921 [Toolbar]
majorresolved (DieMade)2009-03-14No "OK"/"Cancel" button in Preferences
  00002731   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (DieMade)2009-02-22GalaxyView Not Update - 'NaN' for column 'moonsize'
  00002781   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (DieMade)2009-02-01Notices are not shown with mouseover on "Search in Reports"
  00002212   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (eX0du5)2009-01-27Multiple Installations/ Cached?
  00002672   [Galaxietool]
featureresolved (eX0du5)2009-01-27Show the number of recyclers needed to collect the debris in the results of a Search in Database
  00002711   [Galaxietool Forum]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2008-12-04spamy post
  00001935   [Galaxietool]
tweakresolved (DieMade)2008-12-04Historical Overview / Last month shows data from the beginning of the current month only
  00002604   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-12-04Historical overview doesn't seem to display any charts any more
  000026921 [Toolbar]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2008-11-28Galaxytoolbar - Galaxyview not updated
  00002565   [Galaxietool]
majorresolved (eX0du5)2008-11-28Galaxyview not updated!
  00002702   [ES.Wiki]
minorresolved (warnon)2008-11-24IRC Manual
  00002682   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (DieMade)2008-11-21The search for colonizable slots lists things it shouldn't
  000025510   [Toolbar]
majorresolved (DieMade)2008-11-18Submits empty galaxywievs
  000022247 [Toolbar]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-11-15locale fi-FI
  00002593   [Galaxietool]
trivialresolved (eX0du5)2008-11-15Slovak flag image missing from the login page
  00002542   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-10-23reports from moons will not update techs
  00001901   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-10-22Debris fields around destroyed planets can't be found
  00001851   [Galaxietool]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-10-22Sorting a multi-page Extended Search in Reports stops working after pagination
  000016679 [Toolbar]
minorresolved (eX0du5)2008-10-14locale hu-HU
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