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0000741Galaxietool(No Category)public2015-08-30 17:022015-08-30 17:07
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PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Product Version5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000741: no metainfo on completely empty systems
Descriptiona problem described to me in irc:

empty solar systems show up green in status view (correctly) but when viewed in detail, it says "no information" instead of the user and time.

see conversation and screenshots below.
Steps To Reproduce[15:44:18] <Dragon> I have some question about galaxytool. In 'View galaxy' shows some information about user, witch plugin send info about that system to galaxytool. But if this system is clean (zero planets and moons) it shows "No data available."
[15:45:07] <Dragon> Even if this system are scanned by some galatool user
[15:47:30] <Dragon> Is this normal? How I can distinguish the systems, which is not scanned before, and empty systems, which are scanned


[16:38:11] <@DieMade> it says no data available if it wasnt scanned
[16:38:14] <@DieMade> (never)
[16:38:37] <@DieMade> and the name of the user and an empty system if it was
[16:39:19] <@DieMade> it should not say "no data" if the system was scanned
[16:39:53] <@DieMade> does your other user permissions to insert info ?
[16:40:47] <Dragon> I'm admin with full permissions and scan some system :) Wait for a screenshot please

[16:42:33] <Dragon> [^]
[16:43:02] <Dragon> screenshot before scan: system 6:51:x is never scanned

[16:43:16] <Dragon> [^]
[16:43:47] <Dragon> screenshot after scan. in admin panel system 6:51:x is activated (scanned)

[16:43:57] <Dragon> [^]
[16:44:07] <Dragon> but in galaxy view - no data
[16:44:26] <Dragon> in russian translations :)

[16:49:10] <@DieMade> oh
[16:50:11] <@DieMade> it should say "username @ timestamp + date
[16:50:12] <Dragon> is this some bug, or I do something wrong?
[16:50:44] <Dragon> I know, for system with planets it say it
[16:51:37] <Dragon> [^]
[16:58:06] <@DieMade> is this using the latest version 5.1 ?
[17:00:03] <Dragon> Galaxytool v5.1 Вселенная Cygnus
[17:00:29] <Dragon> I use this hosting [^]
Additional Information[17:06:27] <Dragon> I think bug is in condition in 'secret/galaxyview.php' (line 125)
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DieMade (administrator)
2015-08-30 17:06

i did NOT test this myself

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