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0000681Galaxietool(No Category)public2012-08-26 08:142013-08-02 21:28
Assigned ToeX0du5 
Product Version5.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000681: Fleet scores chart is actually overall military scores
DescriptionThis is a minor problem in GT 5.0. (Why isn't there such a selection in the "Product Version" dropdown listbox? Where do I report bugs in the bug tracker? :D)

In Historical Overview, what you call the "Fleet Scores" chart (obviously a leftover from before OGame 3.*) is actually the overall military points chart.

Speaking of which, it would be nice to add also charts of all the other kinds of military points, of the honor points and especially of the number of ships (since you now track this statistic).
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Omar Hawk (manager)
2012-08-26 17:12

We don't store historical data of all the other statistics.
eX0du5 (manager)
2012-09-16 14:03

I renamed it.
Furthermore I made 5.0 public in this bug tracker which should enable you to use it for reporting. We could always use it with our accounts and did not notice it :-(
bontchev (updater)
2012-09-26 19:51

I suspect that as a result of the "fix" the Military score chart can no longer be displayed. And, probably as a consequence, the "all data" (i.e., all charts) cannot be displayed, either.

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