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0000575Galaxietool(No Category)public2011-12-16 01:332012-02-10 21:46
ReporterOmar Hawk 
Assigned ToeX0du5 
Product Version4.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.0 
Summary0000575: Issue with alliance page parser
DescriptionWhen inserting the own alliance page (member list) it is possible that you create a duplicate of your own alliance in the databse.
Steps To Reproduce1. Submit Galaxyview (or stats or anything else, that contains own alliance including ogame alliance id)
2. Go to your alliance page
3. Rename your alliance Tag
4. submit the alliance page (with the new alliance tag) before any other page is being submitted
5. the Galaxytool now tries to find the new alliance tag in order to determine the alliance id, but has no success. Therefore, an entry in the alliance table is created containing a NULL ogame alliance id
6. Now submit the Galaxyview or any other page - the Galaxytool will now update the other alliance entry, that already has the ogame alliance id

-> we have the same alliance twice in our database, one entry with OGame alliance id, and another without OGame alliance id
Additional InformationA possible solution would be to send the own alliance id at the alliance page so we won't create alliances with NULL values/can rename the alliance with this parser as well.

This would require changes at the Galaxytool and the Galaxytoolbar, but it would be the best solution in my opinion.
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Omar Hawk (manager)
2011-12-31 14:30

siehe auch [^]
eX0du5 (manager)
2012-02-10 21:46

Solved since OGame provides also alliance_id. Parser adjusted in 5.0

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2011-12-16 01:33 Omar Hawk New Issue
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2011-12-16 01:33 Omar Hawk Assigned To => eX0du5
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2012-02-10 21:46 eX0du5 Fixed in Version => 5.0
2012-02-10 21:46 eX0du5 Resolution open => fixed

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