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0000387Galaxietoolpublic2010-01-31 12:052010-02-02 20:44
Assigned ToOmar Hawk 
Product Version4.5.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000387: Can not insert SpyReport ( italian redesign ogame ) manually nor with toolbar
Descriptionlast galaxytool for redesign,toolbar for redesign and translation installed; everything works fine, except for inserting spy report. it doesn't work nor manually neither with toolbar.
Additional Informationif i past report in the text box and submit simlpy doesn't happen anything.
In the DB there are 7 report, but are built from my planet description i think by toolbar.

if i ask toolbar to send spy report it says "unexpected server answer"

Possibility to insert espionage report is the most important feature..
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Browser and Browser Version
MySQL Version5.1.37
PHP Version5.2.10
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Omar Hawk (manager)
2010-01-31 21:03
edited on: 2010-01-31 21:53

hm, could you please post the Galaxytool URL of your Toolbar settings?

Or try to insert the espionage reports in Galaxytool Beta:

Galaxytool URL for FF-Extension: [^]

Login: test/test

For me, it is working btw.

jalone (reporter)
2010-01-31 23:26

this is my galaxytool [^]

and yes i tryed and your galaxytool works perfect, mine not.
so the problem is not the toolbar.

thank you
Omar Hawk (manager)
2010-02-01 15:08

you could try to reupload all files, if this won't help, it has something to do with your server's settings (probably your PHP/MySQL-Version have a bug...)
jalone (reporter)
2010-02-01 20:28

It works!!! I uploaded all files and it works now, looks like there was an error during upload in some languages files, i'm sorry.

now just some problem if i change spy-report page too fast, but it doesn't matter!
Omar Hawk (manager)
2010-02-02 20:44

no bug

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