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0000274Galaxietoolpublic2008-12-15 14:002010-01-25 17:28
Assigned ToOmar Hawk 
Product Version4.3.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000274: View Galaxy is missing planets
DescriptionHi i updated to the new version of gt, but now i`m missing allot of info in the View Galaxy

the toolbar say everything is ok and update succeded, but i having some blank pages in the View Galaxy( & Status of Database)

with the debug function i`m getting no errors
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MySQL Version5.0.51a
PHP VersionPHP Version 5.2.8
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borg (reporter)
2009-01-09 01:30

I had the same problem. I had discovered that only one user was saving empty information on GT Databases and I blocked this user. I don't know why it only have happened with him.
eX0du5 (manager)
2009-01-27 20:04

Please paste the content of your debug output.
borg (reporter)
2009-02-15 00:51

There is no debug information. not even the status windows appears...
DieMade (administrator)
2009-03-17 22:27

people have the option to disable the status window, wich will even supress debug. make sure this is not the case and that the universe servername uni12.ogame.tld is correct.
eX0du5 (manager)
2009-03-18 09:23

You cannot have a success message but no debug window. So something is strange on your side or with your description.
Please paste the debug content including the success message which is shown.
borg (reporter)
2009-04-04 03:53

I got it! The problem is with Neogame plugin.
When I unistalled it, the GT plugin started to work properly.
Any idea how to fix it?
DieMade (administrator)
2009-04-04 10:18

I'm pretty sure this can't be fixed from our end. Try shutting off all Neogame functions with the plugin still enabled. Try transmitting and then enable the options you really want. Possibly the problem is only with a certain part of Neogame.
Also contact Neogame people with this information.
borg (reporter)
2009-04-05 02:34

The item in Neogame is "view reduced galaxy view".
This item must be uncheck to GT plugin works.
DieMade (administrator)
2009-04-06 00:01

thats goodto know. If it's just this one option you can probably live with not having that ;-)
Omar Hawk (manager)
2010-01-25 17:28

seems to be done -> no real Galaxytool Bug, but a neogame problem (which isn't developed anymore...)

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