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0000680Galaxietool(No Category)public2012-08-21 08:052013-03-29 10:59
0000680: No indicator that Search in Reports is working
This is a bug in version 5.0.

When one performs a Search in Database, there is an indicator ("Loading") that GT is performing some work, so the user should wait. However, when one performs a Search in Reports, there is no such indicator, despite the fact that the search can take noticeable time (despite being limited to no more than 200 results).
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2012-09-16 14:13   
The search itself is fast (191 ms) when I checked the request with Firefox. The rendering of the whole table takes so long.
I will try to find a way to improve this - or wait for dojo 2.0 which promised significant performance improvements for table rendering.
Will not be "fixed" by adding the load icon.
The other seach shows the loading within the table. But the table is hidden before you do your first request because it will be rendered after the first search only.
2013-03-29 10:59   
I found the new dojo table version and it is not yet ready for the complex scenario I am trying to achieve with selectable columns etc. Therefore I am now replacing the search button with a search icon until the search is finished and the icon is again replaced with the button. This way we have an indicator that the search is running.